Old Man Saturn


On a subway ride two weeks ago I witnessed a bizarre sight. It really stuck with me, and I think I’m starting to understand why.

It was a typically crowded-beyond-capacity train car, but miraculously I managed to find a seat. Next to me was a well-dressed man perhaps in his 60s; I immediately pegged him to be a business owner of some type. He was impatient at the train’s speed, and kept sighing audibly and looking at his watch. I could sympathize, as I inexplicably needed to pee really bad.

Then he removed the watch—this very impressive silver thing—and began shaking it. Shaking it at arm’s length, in these wide sweeps. Shaking it like a shaman would do, as if some sort of benediction or curse. Plus: he started to utter these long, guttural moans.


This was not “normal” behavior. This was like some spontaneous esoteric shit, what was happening right next to me, as if the man was in a trance. And then, I shit you not, I started to smell this weird brimstone-like smell in the train car…like burning rubber, but more acute and bitter.

Later on, in my journal, I referred to this man as “Father Time.”

And then I ran into some information on a YouTube video about the mythological figure Saturn, and all the connections to him in modern society. Saturn is Cronus: father of the gods. Cronus sometimes gets connected with Chronos, who represents Time. Chronos is…Father Time.


Father Time holds a scythe always at the ready, sometimes appearing as a Grim Reaper. And the scythe looks very much like the symbol for the actual planet Saturn.


Saturn/Cronus/Chronos/”Father Time” is the Architect of the Universe. He is the Demiurge of the Gnostics. He is why things are “the way they’ve always been.”

In Greek mythology, Cronus ate most of his children. His children represented the next stage of evolution—Cronus could not have that, as he represented the way things have always been.


Only one of his children was not eaten—Zeus. Zeus would later force Cronus to literally throw up his siblings, reclaiming them. And so Olympus was born.

Cronus, and his siblings the Titans—the Old Gods—were imprisoned in Tartarus for his misdeeds. A parallel to this can be found in the works of H.P. Lovecraft & the Cthulhu mythos. The idea that the Old Gods have been pressed deep in the ground, away from us—but still alive, still seething.


At present, time seems to be quickening for us—progress happening faster than ever before in the history of humankind, the Singularity. But on the other hand, ancient and primal forces within the human psyche are also reasserting themselves, manifesting in a number of highly-visible ways.

Soon, the way technology is going, we might possess the capability to surpass time—to make time irrelevant. We may be able to break through the structures of what we presently consider reality, and enter an unprecedented era of personal freedom.

We might be done with Time. But Time might not be done with us.


Anyway. That’s a weird thing I saw on the train two weeks ago.