The success of Butterfly Language has encouraged me to launch another site. I’ve tried this before, but just didn’t get my “mission statement” and look for it just right!

Fantasy Merchant is also about pop-culture, but is just about the “polar opposite” of Butterfly Language—it’s strictly about entertainment, escapism, etc. All the esoteric aspects of pop-culture that I might write? That all stays here!

Part of the reason I’m launching Fantasy Merchant is to have a more “mainstream” site to develop, with the eventual hope that it will eventually give me enough foundation & resources to keep doing the writing and research on Butterfly Language. It also gives me a different place to put more non-esoteric posts that would have otherwise ended up here.

So if you want to read a pop-culture entertainment site, I hope you will check Fantasy Merchant out. And if not—I still have plenty of articles going up on this site!