Tarot Forecast: Week Of April 17, 2017


Welcome to another installment of my readings, which focus not on “predictions” but rather gauging the “energy” in the world for a particular week. For those not hip to tarot cards: I really just use the cards as a “writing prompt” for stuff I would have written out anyway. It’s just an easy way for me to keep focus.

And so here we go:


We have three reversed cards here, which already signifies more of a prevailing negative energy. Please note: this does not mean that your particular week is going to be negative, this is just a world-energy reading.

First card is the Knight of Pentacles reversed; this denotes some sort of economic downturn or “fall” for a person or company or just lower financial energy out there in general. People are more likely now to hold on to their dollars. Consumer confidence is lower.

Second card is Eight Of Cups reversed, meaning a search for answers in the same damn places. Instead of trying something new, the same tropes get used; it feels like history repeating itself. And yet, the People are choosing to let history repeat itself; it’s not just the government, but many of the people.

Third card is Justice reversed. Some major incident of injustice, of escaping the law, of a crime boldly committed, might happen this week. The phrase I’m seeing is “a miscarriage of justice.”

It’s a situational energy where we see “bad things” and malfeasance for what it is, these revelations…but it feels like there is nothing that can be done about it. It’s like if a thief takes your money (Knight of Pentacles reversed) and knows he or she won’t be caught…and instead of seeking new solutions to this issue, you just fall back on the same tropes. You are so…hungry for “the way things have always been” that you don’t seek alternative ways of dealing with this. You’d almost rather just bitch about it.

And so, magnify this energy nation-wide, world-wide.

I mean…it’s kinda a crappy energy. It’s an energy of frustration and a sense of impotence. It’s like Jesus was crucified, and that was it.

And yet I cannot help but also feel that this level of realization of what is dysfunctional is “good,” in the sense that I think a lot of people are plain fed-up…but fed-up in a way that leads to a search for greater enlightenment. It’s not like this complete black hole of despair and surrender.

So that’s what I got this week!