Observations, 4/20/17

Heard a lot of talk after the U.S. presidential election that Trump’s win would mean that most “hard right” and “fringe” alternative news peeps would be on “easy street” and achieve media supremacy. I remained skeptical, for two reasons:

Reason One: These types of news outlets and pundits thrive most under a Democratic presidency and White House, because such a situation sets up an “underdog mentality” that drives viewers/listeners to these outlets in droves. Case in point, in the opposite direction: the left-leaning radio network Air America thrived when George W. Bush was president, then slumped during the Obama years.

Reason Two: For figures like Alex Jones and Bill O’Reilly, having such a close relationship with President Trump and getting such mainstream exposure…gave them a lot of mainstream exposure. David Icke will never, ever be taken seriously by the mainstream because the “lizard stuff” he believes in will always be a barrier to that—the MSM ultimately sees him as a kook. But because Jones is interviewing Trump on his show & bragging about Infowars getting White House access—that’s going to put a grand-spanking magnifying glass over his entire enterprise. Jones has no “lizard people” to render him “harmless” (though he does have a goblin or two and some gay frogs).

So rather than the Trump Era being the “best” era for these types of news outlets…

Now you have O’Reilly shit-canned, Milo losing his book deal and being branded as too extreme even for Breitbart News, Jones under constant scrutiny by the MSM, and even former Breitbart mastermind Steve Bannon seemingly being readied for the White House “shiv.”

Oh, and Pepe the Frog has been reduced to being a bootleg design on skirts for young women. And even that was pulled; they couldn’t even let Faux Pepe get his little bit of time in the sun.

But here’s the thing: this all doesn’t mean that our media is switching to this extreme liberal slant, either. No, it’s still going to be conservative—but a very mainstream version of conservatism. Which is fine, because the mainstream Democrats are not that very much far away from that aesthetic, either.

It’s all going to be one homogenous thing. 

And so as Infowars goes, so does the MSM spotlight drop also upon many of its contemporaries & so they go, too. And so any questioning of the official word from the MSM—on things like…well, war—gets especially censured, because who are you some Russian puppet like Alex Jones or Sean Hannity?

The mainstream media benefits, the White House (whomever is “with the program” at this point) benefits, the corporations benefit.

And meanwhile, David Icke still runs his podcasts and commentary from the safety of his thankfully ridiculed little empire.