Is Or Is Not Jim Carrey Playing Terence McKenna In Biopic?


See, here was a story that at first seemed so easy to blog about, a real “slam dunk”: Jim Carrey (whom I’ve written a lot about on this site) was allegedly starring in a new biopic about ethnobotanist and philosopher Terence McKenna called True Hallucinations. The McKenna fan site McKennite published a story on it April 6th called, intriguingly, “Jim Carrey Preparing For Psychedelic Role By Staying In Nature And Taking Magic Mushrooms.”

But now the site Gossip Cop claims that Carrey’s rep exclusively talked to them and has denied the actor’s involvement in any such film. Further, the rep denies that Carrey made any of the statements quoted in the McKennite article.

Is it possible this story got started because Carrey has recently taken to growing out his gray beard a bit and perhaps even resembles the late McKenna? There is even a theoretical movie poster for the film, which was published in a recent article by The Sun as the real deal but is actually a Photoshop (look at the credits closely).


Making things even more complicated, there is actually a documentary about McKenna called True Hallucinations made by the author of the McKennite Carrey article—and it looks pretty cool, actually.

And so…I don’t know what to say here. Other than that I wish Carrey would make more films, period.

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