Tarot Forecast: Week Of April 24, 2017


Welcome again to my Weekly World Readings, where I try to gauge the “energy” of the upcoming week in terms of world events, news stories, and just in *general*.

Today I’ll be using the Wild Unknown tarot deck: let’s get started & look at the cards!


Thankfully, this seems like a positive(ish) week…though of course what is considered a “positive” week varies from person to person and is quite relative.

We first get The Chariot—which means that things are moving after seemingly in stasis for a while. Now, astrologically Mercury In Retrograde—the phase we are in now, a time of reflection and lack of movement—doesn’t end until May 3. But the energy I’m feeling indicates to me that the prevailing energy is beginning to turn back to dynamism, action, resolutions, the shoe dropping off the other foot, and etc.

Again: depending on who you are and what your circumstances are, this can be positive or negative.

Second, there is Justice. I see this working together with the Chariot card. I see indictments, judgements, people getting their “comeuppance” after long periods of time, etc. Both in the legal sense and just karmically. It’s sort of like you hear something negative happened to a person and you go: “I’m not surprised…that was sort of coming for a long time now.”

Last, there is the 5 of Swords, reversed. In the upright position, this means a breaking of connections, a fight, feuds, battles, squabbles, endings of partnerships, etc. But here the card is reversed, so that could mean the opposite: some level of healing, literally healing/mending old wounds.

And so in the bigger picture, I can see all three cards functioning together as a whole this coming week. There’s going to be a number of examples of people being brought to “justice,” or legal cases/investigations moving forward (perhaps at a shockingly fast pace). I think these things will cause a sense of celebration, peace, and unity/healing among groups of people.

But I also think it is all just a momentary “pit-stop” in a larger conflict and we might not see the entire forest for the trees. News, people, the media, and so on can have very short attention-spans. Sometimes we see the “new hotness,” the latest scandal and story, and that’s all we want to talk about; we blot out everything that doesn’t fit that narrative at that moment because the narrative is so popular and social media is magnifying it everywhere. We might not even have all the facts yet.

But it’s human nature; I get it.