Doctor Believes Bruno Borges Was “Guided By Spirits”


An interesting interview with a doctor and friend of missing Brazilian man Bruno Borges’ family has shed some more light upon the young man’s motives…maybe.

José Medeiros, a physician and founder of eight spiritist centers (I’m half-Brazilian, this is not as unusual as you would think) claimed that Borges approached him last year for guidance on a “project” he was working on. It is unclear if this is the same project that culminated in March with Borges disappearing and leaving behind 14 encrypted books as well as a virtual “temple” in his room flanked by a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno.

Medeiros told G1 (translated from the Portuguese):

He came to me because he wanted help to develop the job and needed guidance. I asked him to explain, but he refused. He said something I did not understand, that’s when I told him to go to the university for the science sector…

He went on to say that he then asked Borges—without any reason to do so except for I suppose intuition—if what the young man was talking about had anything to do with Spiritism or otherworldly entities of some kind:

I asked him if he saw anything extra-human. He said, ‘I see, but it’s not clear, like shadows, and I hear perfect voices telling me that I have a mission on earth to do a very important job that would help all of humanity.’

But the doctor believes that not only was Borges not mentally unsound, but that he probably was contacted by spirits—perhaps even that of 16th Century occultist/philosopher Giordano Bruno himself!

From the knowledge of the Spiritist doctrine, he [Bruno] was being aided by a spirit that may be of the philosopher to whom he sympathized [Giordano Bruno] or another spirit friend of this philosopher, who found in him the capacity to develop a work that seems unfinished. He easily captured the inspiration of this spirit. It is one of the hypotheses…

Of course, a person who opens up 8 spiritist centers is going to be a heck of a lot more open-minded about these matters than your run-of-the-mill physician. So that could be a good thing, in that Borges found somebody who understood his situation—or it could be that it instead prevented an opportunity for the young man to get psychological help.

Here’s the thing—Borges could have been very well contacted by “spirits.” Borges could be, as hypothesized by some, the actual reincarnation of Giordano Bruno. But even if those things are true, it does not cancel out the possibility that he could also be overwhelmed, stressed-out, on-the-edge, and etc. These two possibilities can co-exist, with one not automatically making the other invalid.

As of now, the Borges case is with Interpol.