Observations, 4/26/17

Folks, let’s face it: it’s becoming increasingly likely the U.S. is going to war with North Korea. It might be a short war, it may be a long, dragged-out war; but we’re probably going to war. It’s the Occam’s razor thing. War-moves have been the only thing to make DJT popular with the mainstream media (see: Syria), and it’s easily-justifiable because Kim Jong-Un is really “out there” with the threats and all that.

It would be hard for most rank-and-file Democrats to put their foot down and be like “hell no I’m not signing on with that,” because then all DJT and the GOP has to say is, “what, you don’t want to liberate all those starving oppressed people?” And as we saw with the votes to enter the Iraq War…hahaha, not many people are gonna put their foot down about anything, any time soon, anyway.

And the actual *concept* of going to war with NK is not that daft and unbelievable—this was long a “shoe is going to drop” situation. But it’s the reasons why we would go to war *right now* that concern me; because like everything else, it just feels like a slap-dash “sweeps week” type of thing designed to distract from everything else.

Some conspiracy-peeps have built a theory that everything “revolves” around today, this date of 4/26—because of terror drills in Washington D.C. & New York, and DJT asking Senators to join him for some sort of meeting at the White House (plus a bunch of other more esoteric/weird things that would take a whole separate post to address). I’m not against the idea of disaster-prep drills in general, as if the government didn’t do them and there was an attack or disaster, everybody would be like “why didn’t you do drills to prepare us?”

But while I do not agree with some that these drills are “false flags”—do they add to an overall zeitgeist atmosphere of paranoia and fear that would make the public more likely to back an immanent war? Maybe. Like NBC is running a news piece right now about how to survive a nuclear war. And folks, this shit is literally like something out of the Cold War “duck and cover era.” Somebody’s going to read that shit and crap their pants. My husband was in Los Angeles for the past 5 days and like I’m reading all these articles about how easy it might be for NK to bomb that city. For fuck’s sake.

And then you add the recent “simultaneous” power outages in NYC/L.A./San Francisco last week. Let’s apply Occam’s razor again here, factoring the current global political situation at that moment—not super-insane to think it might have been a cyber-attack. Or it could have been a small “test” by our own country to gauge real-time reactions to a possible power grid shut-down because of an attack—that’s not completely crazy-sauce, either; how else are they gonna know something like that? What if the power went out on San Fran and they started eating each other? You’d want to know that.

We’re reliving the fucking end of the Sixties, man. That’s what it feels like to me. Nixon had the chance to get us out of Vietnam and he didn’t take it; he used the war and crazy Charlie Manson as distractions. Certainly, the Kim Jong-Un Show is far more “in your face” and he’s been making threats like forever. DJT can move forward on this and kinda be “in the clear,” unless things get pear-shaped. DJT can buy himself several years of “grace” based on just war, even in the face of Russia investigations and whatnot.

And, just like during Nixon’s administration, I also wouldn’t be surprised if NASA doesn’t do some spectacular thing in the next few years, on-par with the moon landing. Hell, we can even just do another moon landing. And that would actually be something really positive, as the U.S. has really fallen behind in this department (assuming NASA/the U.S. government hasn’t been doing further explorations all this time, with the public being on a “need to know” basis; also, not an entirely crazy idea…)

But this is all just the impression that I get: 1968-1974 compressed into like three years.

What did we learn the first time around? Don’t ask me, I was a zygote.

UPDATE: Here is what those senators were told about North Korea today.