Tarot Forecast: Week Of May 1, 2017


Welcome once again to my little experiment where I try to gauge the “energy” of a particular week using visual aids. This week I’m back to the Thoth deck—let’s just jump right into it!


One thing I’ve noticed I haven’t done in previous readings is really take the actual sequence of the cards into account. All three cards could be read/interpreted just like looking at panels on a comic book page.

So if we do that, the “start” card is the Two of Disks (a.k.a. “Change”). The image is of an ouroboros—the snake eating its own tail—which is then twisted into an infinity symbol.

Mercury is out of retrograde by May 3, I believe, and things (all sorts of things) that were once stalled/put on hold can possibly move forward at that time. I spoke to some of this energy in last week’s reading, and a lot of the same ideas apply to this week.

Certainly, one area you could see this in is warlike activities. I believe the White House sort of is itching to go to war with somebody, anybody…it’s just a paradoxically easy way to stir up the popularity in the mainstream media and so forth, to stifle dissension, to stir up patriotism, and so forth. Our current administration has no monopoly on this, this has been going on for many decades; maybe this has always been the “way,” sort of programmed in our primal brains.

So that could be one “change,” though on the next card you have The Magus (Magician) reversed. And I immediately thought of the “takedown” of somebody, an individual. With war, you have the “takedown” of whomever is on the other side…but here I’m seeing that there is a focus on one public figure.

And then you have the card after that, the Princess Of Disks. And so it looks like a female could be the cause of the figure on the previous card to be taken down…but it does not necessarily have to be an actual woman. This could be a female-resonating country, or organization/political party, or even a man with very yang-type energy around him.

Similarly, I immediately assumed the person on the Magus card is male, but it could also be a woman with a very male energy. Though…I do think often, if it’s a male card it’s going to be a man; female card, female, and so on.

As you see on the Princess of Disks card, this is a warlike “woman.” She has her spear pointing down, as if finishing some warlike act. “It ain’t over until the fat lady sings.” She looks like an opera singer, almost, like she’s in something by Wagner.

So what I see is some sort of “change” precipitated by this Princess of Disks figure, impacting the Magus figure. This is not a sudden thing. This is, rather, the culmination of many things. This is an energy that has been dragging on all through April, catching up all sorts of smaller, more “minor” figures in its wake. You know, like in the movie The Blob (especially the remake)? It’s just trudging along steadily, and there are all these tree branches and partially-digested humans and cars and shit just caught up in its long slimy tail/trail.

All the energy feels like the other shoe dropping. And is a large, slow shoe; and it is a shoe that might slowly make its way for a good extra year.

UPDATE: this story about the Fox News head resigning could be it, but it seems almost too on-the-nose:



Now, the time stamps on these posts are kind of screwy, as the way WordPress has everything set up, it’s like on Central Time and then extra time on top of that…but here is proof I had cast these cards yesterday morning at 7:52 AM:


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Anyway, I should probably look into how to fix my timestamp. It’s just so weird. I literally wrote this post, was away from my desk for like an hour, and this story breaks. It’s a little creepy.