Observations, 5/2/17

The next time you read a story about how “dumb” President Trump is, and how he composes his sentences strangely, and how he uses really awkward syntax and keeps repeating words, and how he seems to have a lack of impulse control and just blurts things out…the next time you see a tweet or a news story or hear a late-night talk show host breathlessly share the latest stupid thing Trump said, and say how he has the brain and vocabulary of an 8-year-old…

The next time that happens, go watch interview footage of Trump when he was in his 40s and 50s. Then go read tweets he wrote four, five years ago & compare them to what he writes now; look at the way the sentences are constructed, the vocabulary used, and so on.

The next time you hear all that stuff, go look up footage of Trump needing to hold Theresa May’s hand to get down like two tiny stairs.

Look all this stuff up, and really think about what is going on.

You know how like in reality TV, a person will obviously be impaired and “in trouble” but they keep rolling the film because it’s “good entertainment”?

This is not a pro- or anti-Trump observation or sentiment. This is about really trying to get to a baseline of what is going on. I don’t feel sorry for Trump, but at the same time I cannot take glee or comfort or satisfaction in witnessing something like what seems to be going on with him.

And no, I really don’t think getting him out of office is going to “solve” anything. I think he is barely calling the shots as it is.