The Spy Cats Of The CIA


Considering everything else that’s happening in the world, this is a relatively benign, even goofy, story…well, except for the cats.

Wikileaks recently tweeted a link to a CIA memo archive (which was released in 2001) that contained information on “Project Acoustic Kitty”—a five-year year project in the 1960s designed to turn ordinary cats into mobile recording devices.

Compared to contemporary advancements in audio surveillance, it was a pretty low-tech operation. Cats were literally slit open and lined with batteries and wires from the tip of their tails all the way to their ears (which naturally contained the microphones).


The purpose of Project Acoustic Kitty was, in theory, to gather intel on the Russians—though one could imagine such devices being used on any troublesome feline-loving egghead who got too close to the Truth.

Not to be the person to piss in the punchbowl of a light frothy story, but today a robotic cockroach or fly could be made to do exactly the same thing, except 1,000,000 better and without getting run over by a vehicle (which seems to be the fate of at least one of the CIA “cyborg cats”).