Observations, 5/4/17

This post could be based on the current Obamacare repeal vote, but it really goes way beyond that and encompasses stuff on both “sides” of the political aisle (I mean, there are Democrats who are in bed with Big Pharma, etc.). I have felt for a long time that a long-term goal for some of the people who run this planet is to encourage the reduction of the population. There are plenty of think-pieces and white-papers and so on by “reputable sources” (going back many decades) arguing for the limitation of population growth.

And the thing is, the basic premise—making sure that there aren’t more humans on the planet than resources—makes sense logically. And perhaps with the new technologies, innovations, and so forth we really can adequately provide for all the people in the world. But I look at the history of the human race—a history often marked by greed, stupidity, short-sightedness, and cruelty—and I question whether these population-reducing goals will be necessarily carried out in an enlightened and transparent manner.

I question whether the utopian technology, medical advancements, and food-production methods that are being developed will be adequately distributed to the masses.

The lack of affordable healthcare in the United States, to me, is ultimately an issue of population control in the most basic sense. It is “passive” population control.

We need to build a national/global network of holistic healthcare and wellness—encompassing mind, body, and soul—to provide a baseline of support for the health of the masses. It would not take the place of traditional medical practice, but it is better than the “nothing” many people are currently receiving.

And a big part of this network is education. It is about educating people on the many everyday “normal” things that are tearing apart their health; educating them on how the seeds of chronic illness are planted in their lives.

It doesn’t mean that we do not continue to fight for better healthcare. I foresee, in fact, a time in the future where we in the United States do have a type of “universal” health coverage on par with other countries (or perhaps even something different that hasn’t even been done before). But I think that, along with things like basic income, this will only come after tremendous strife, illness, and dysfunction. It will be literally a “nation rebuilding” thing.

But what do we do now? How do we share our knowledge? How do we work towards providing for the people of the Earth?

We must start with small groups of likeminded people. We must start with communities. For millennia humans have survived not as individuals alone in the big city, but within extended families and found-families.

We cannot depend on the Captain to save us. If there is one lesson we can cobble together from our news feeds, it is that.