Tarot Forecast: Week Of May 8, 2017


Once again here we are, for another intuitive-type thing. And I’m posting it early this time, because why not???. This week I’m back to the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck to springboard some insights on the 7 days ahead—let’s get to it!


These are all court cards, the initial meaning of which I always identify with particular people. And what we have here is a trio of gentlemen in reverse: Knight of Pentacles, King of Swords, and Knight of Cups. Knights indicate men in 20s-40s, Kings would be older, a type of “patriarch.”

Pentacles=wealth, person from business/financial background.


Cup=creative fields, maybe visionary person.

Reverse would be: under attack, defeated, humiliated, overturned, dumped, exposed, thrown out, etc.

I had originally drawn extra cards to get more info here, and even wrote out a big analysis. But it became very clear to me that with one of these court cards in particular, it was commenting on some very specific thing. And I think that this would start to get in the realm of propaganda. And there is already a lot of propaganda. It would be very easy to employ somebody professing to be a fortune-teller, psychic, or whatnot to create propaganda—that’s been done in this century (research Jeanne Dixon), and it has been done thousands of years ago.

Anyway, every “supplemental” card I drew here indicated reversals, stealing, sneaking, defeating, humiliation, attack, controversy. Even the card I pulled just now to sum up the energy of the week is the Seven of Swords:


And that image really sums everything up.

What a world, what a world…