Probably My Favorite Jim Carrey Scene


I write about Jim Carrey quite a bit on this site, and I just stumbled upon recently what was, at the time, considered to be one of his biggest bombs: 1996’s The Cable Guy. Which, especially seen in the context of today’s culture, isn’t such a bad movie and is actually somewhat relevant.

I suppose at the time The Cable Guy was very jarring to critics and Carrey fans, mixing humor with very sudden and tonally-different dark moments; including an ending that is somewhat unexpected, stark, and ideologically-charged (spoilers).

That said, this is what I feel at this point to be my absolute favorite Carrey scene—peak Carrey, unadulterated Carrey. There is more raw humor and passion in this one scene than the entirety of his work in Man On The Moon.

So here you go: Jefferson Airplane. An Altamont reference. Riddle me this: if 1967 was the Summer of Love, what is fifty years later in 2017? Perhaps we have found a new anthem to rally around: