Observations, 5/10/17

It may be that cycles—and, more specifically, re-cycles—are just the way of the universe. Repeating cycles, sometimes with only slight variations, sometimes with more creative twists. But repeating nonetheless.

Everybody’s (“everybody’s”) saying that with the sudden firing of FBI Director Comey, Trump is now just living out the last years of Nixon’s presidency. A re-cycle. Is this all really true—are we indeed experiencing the Nixon Quantum Hangover? Or do we want it to be true—not even so much because we dislike Trump, but just because we crave the reassuring regularity of it all?

For that matter, does Trump himself secretly want that re-cycle? Why keep someone so associated with the doomed Nixon administration, Roger Stone (who has an actual tattoo of Nixon on his back), around so closely? It is rumored that Stone pushed Trump to fire Comey. If that is true, and the act of firing Comey is indeed “Nixonian”…then is everybody just playing their “parts” and walking into this pre-determined scenario (gladly, even)?

One person who was obsessed with the idea of history repeating itself—or, perhaps more accurately, regressing into itself to reveal just one eternal Now—was Philip K. Dick. His last novel, The Transmigration Of Timothy Archer, features a procession of three deaths (technically four, if you count John Lennon). Each death “sets off” the next death. Each subsequent death seems preventable, but the parties involved almost feel compelled to “live it all out,” to complete the re-cycles.

It almost feels as if they feel some deep, unsaid joy or ecstasy in living out what they have surmised (rightly or wrongly) as their “purpose.”

Only two characters “come out alive” in this story. The protagonist Angel Archer, who holds on to an extremely pragmatic and rational point of view; and Bill Lundborg, who has schizophrenia and might quite possibly also be possessed. They are at opposite ends of the spectrum, as it were, but their respective approaches to the world seem to “protect” them from a slew of fatal (ultimately self-destructive and preventable) re-cycles that have hunted down the rest of the people in their lives.

It is my belief that in spite of all his bluster, Trump is subconsciously living out a re-cycle. He is subconsciously sabotaging himself. I also believe that the United States is living out a re-cycle (and, yes, also subconsciously sabotaging itself).

Is there a way to “break” re-cycles? Or, even if we think we have done so, and have indeed launched what appears to be a “brand new era”…are we just ensconced in yet another re-cycle, one so big and vast that we might not realize it for what it is?

UPDATE: Of course Trump just met up with Kissinger at White House. Of course of he did. The re-cycle needs to be just perfect; can’t leave anything to chance!