Tarot Forecast: Week Of May 15, 2017


Welcome once again to this little experiment, where I randomly pick cards with illustrations on them in order to riff off the imagery and try to come up with some sort of semi-coherent proclamation regarding the week ahead for humanity.

Join me, won’t you?

Before I present the cards for this week, I wanted to meditate a little bit on how the process is going so far for me, and on last week’s reading.

In general, doing these readings regularly each week and documenting the process has helped me very much develop this craft. As always, the biggest obstacle for me remains my own biases. I feel that the skilled prognosticator must work to rid him- or herself of these biases as much as humanly possible, as to not a) influence the cards drawn and b) influence the interpretation.

In last week’s spread, I had three male court cards all in reverse:


This immediately indicated to me that three male figures in the public eye were going to be negatively impacted.

As this was on the cusp of the French elections—and because further cards I had drawn had “seemed” to be going in that direction—I had assumed that Macron would be one of those men & would lose the election. And that so spooked me out—the idea of just publicly “saying” that an election or something of that importance was going to go one way or the other—that I just sort of scrapped the entire specifics of the reading and just left it vague. I talked more about the general “mood” of the news that week, which was going to involve “reversals, stealing, sneaking, defeating, humiliation, attack, controversy.”

Now obviously—Macron had nothing to worry about.

However, FBI Director Comey—that shit seemed to come out of nowhere. And it really seemed to “fit” the overall reading pretty well. You could even say that the two other men in that reading were Trump himself and Sean Spicer. (Trump could have been the King of Swords, with Comey the Knight of Pentacles & Spicer the Knight of Cups)

Maybe I would have “seen” all that better had I not been so immediately biased and distracted. If I had just gone to it “fresh.”

And so let’s try this week:


With the Mother and Father of Pentacles just there, one right after the other, this indicates to me a very strong female/male partnership in the public eye. With The Hermit in reverse immediately before, this indicates that this is either a partnership we did not know about previously that has suddenly “come to light,” or some sort of couple/team suddenly coming to some prominence news/media-wise in the coming week. Or maybe even some “news” come to the surface about said couple.

I don’t feel that this is necessarily a “negative” couple, but again that would be me applying preexisting biases to a situation.

It is a very strong energy around this couple, I would say. It’s a very mythic quality, almost as if they are embodying a sort of needed vital archetype (Isis/Osiris, King/Queen, etc.).

I pulled one more card to get more perspective…


…the Ace of Pentacles. And the first thing I thought of is “Child.” Or: new Project (which can be like a child).

And it’s a very strong energy. It is an energy that brings other people into its “vortex,” so to speak.

And so that’s where I’ll end here. Have a good week!