Max Headroom In “Paranoimia”


Max Headroom remains for me one of the most iconic figures from my youth. The subject of a short-lived cult TV series in the mid-Eighties, his stuttering digital/plastic visage seemed to be the herald of a new type of human. And perhaps we haven’t achieved that new type of human. Or maybe we have, but only as replacements for aging-and-or-dead actors in blockbuster films.

In 1986, the synthpop band Art Of Noise released a version of their song “Paranoimia” with Max Headroom on vocals. The title a combination of “paranoia” and “insomnia,” the video features an increasingly worried Headroom complaining about not being able to go to sleep. There is also seems to be some question here as to whether he knows he’s a digital creation or not, as the monitor with his head sits on a metal hospital bed: