In The Shadow Of The Tower


And so right now, via some twist-of-fate/last-minute decision on my part, I’m in a hotel room directly looking out onto One World Trade Center. Like my window=the tower.

Somebody gave my husband a free hotel room for several nights for some convention. And so at the last minute I decided to go.

I never kept up with One World Trade Center, to the point where I had to just now Google its actual name. I never visited the 9/11 memorial. I haven’t been around this area for at least 10 years.

Coming here was a comedy of errors. The person I had to interview for an article never showed up, so I bailed & decided to come here. When we left here traffic was extremely bad & we were late because of one car that was banged up and just flat in the middle of the highway all the way at the other end in Manhattan. We get here, there are people inexplicably in our assigned room; they answer the door, they’re like “who the hell are you?” So we get “an upgrade,” and now I have the room directly overlooking One World Trade Center.

I don’t know why I never kept up with this new tower. I don’t know why I never visited this area any more. You try to push things out of your mind, and then they show up anyway.

Bonus: I had a dream about “visiting” the Tower tarot card two nights ago. I interpreted it metaphorically. But here I am. Shows the danger in trying to interpret anything at all.