Observations, 5/22/17


I’ll try to make these observations succinct, but I do need to get them out there:

a) I feel the stuff with Trump has been decided already, for a whole bunch of reasons I do not have the energy to enumerate at this time. They’ve already decided to get rid of him. I’m on neither “side” in declaring this. I’m just declaring what in my gut is really the case. But this is going to drag on like a bitch, even after he’s gone. I’m exhausted with it. I feel on some level, all this drama benefitted many parties.

b) I had a spontaneous dream/hypnogogic episode in like September or October of 2016 that was audio of Trump giving his resignation speech. (Go look up my past posts on my dream history to determine how much “weight” to give that particular anecdote) At the time it really confused me, as it was “certain” (largely per mainstream media) that Clinton would win the presidency. But as time ticked on to the election date, I had the worse and worse feeling that the U.S. presidency, in general, was fated to be “uncertain.”

I’ve never written this before, but fuck it. I literally was in the state between sleeping and waking and fucking heard Trump give his resignation speech; which was somewhat terse. So what I’m try to say is…I felt like I’ve been through all this already, and I’m just fucking DONE. Greedy, self-serving people on both sides of the political fence created the current situation. I’m tired of the drama of it taking up my life. It is my belief that the Drama itself was largely “the point.”

c) Just had another acquaintance get laid off from a “stable” job. We (my Generation X “We,” but I suppose it goes beyond that) keep turning to these ways of making a living that seem “safe,” that seem “normal”…and we worry about anything that might not make us seem like a good middle-of-the-road choice of employment.

But I am like, at this point…I feel I have just as much a good chance being completely and unabashedly Myself as I look to gain employment & funds, as trying to “play it safe.” I think the window on “playing it safe” and looking for this American Dream is rapidly closing, especially as AI threatens not only blue collar but white collar jobs.

That’s it for now.