Tarot Forecast: Week Of May 22, 2017


The lesson I should have learned from my Harold Camping post notwithstanding, here we are again for another crack at this tarot reading thing!

Join me, won’t you?

I am traveling as I write this (I do these readings the Saturday before at the latest, so I’m not too influenced on current events) and do not have any of my decks on me—so I’ve turned to an old online standby that I’ve been discretely using to nervously cast cards at work during rumors of promotions and firings for at least ten years (it did accurately predict the layoff of one of my bosses right before it happened).

And here we go:


The first card, Death in reverse, indicates that it will seem like a longstanding situation simply will not change. That there is some sort of obstruction, (seemingly permanent) delay, etc.

This frustration will be literally carried through a portion of the week, symbolized by the Ten of Wands. “Whistle while you work,” “the same old shit,” and so on. A lot of “footwork,” a lot of being so busy that you don’t have time to even contemplate that shit right now.

But eventually, whatever this thing is will spill over—and that’s the Tower. There is a building pressure, an eventuality, that is coming.

I mean, it doesn’t take a Kreskin to figure out that the situation in the U.S. with the presidency, the investigations, and so on is insane. Completely fucking insane. It’s become a reality show first and foremost. And it creates this low-level constant stream of anxiety and tension.

And so, how can that energy NOT dominate our lives, when the media is saturated with it and it’s all our friends will talk about?

The test becomes—can you tune it out enough so your own personal energy path doesn’t get run over by this stuff? Because it’s NOT your “responsibility” to become emotionally enmeshed with all of it. Largely, things have probably been decided upon already; I promise you this.

So that’s my viewpoint on the coming week. Stay out of the drama if it’s not specifically your drama. And if it is your drama—stay out of that too.