Dream-Topic List For The Near Future


So if I just had an opportunity to write “the best of the best” for the next several months on this site—the topics I currently want to write the most about—here is how that would go:

  1. Jack Parsons (this would be almost too enjoyable for me to write)
  2. Georgia Guidestones (crazy shit)
  3. Review of “The Spear Of Destiny” by Trevor Ravenscroft (crazy shit)
  4. Philip K. Dick & Blade Runner (basically he believed a proposed novelization of the movie was a test by “God” that he had to reject)
  5. Fargo Season 1 Analysis (very similar to Twin Peaks)
  6. “Divine Invasions” Follow-Up (tons of research since then)
  7. Remarks On “Operation Mindfuck Was Too Successful” Talk Btwn. Douglas Rushkoff & R.U. Sirius (pretty much on the wavelength I was thinking)
  8. “Coincidence, Conspiracy, And Synchronicity” (what is the difference between the 3?)
  9. Analysis Of The 1996 Film “The Craft” (literally 20 years in the making)
  10. Flat Earth Theory (I’m not endorsing it, just going into the general idea)
  11. Go Further Into 2020 Theory (I’m sort of endorsing it)
  12. Go Further Into Aeon Of Horus Theory (maybe not fully endorsing it, but…)
  13. “The Two Oswalds” (crazy, amazing shit)
  14. The Evolution Of The “Slowly I Turned” Meme (“trigger words” with literally a vaudeville slant)
  15. Archetype Of “The Blue Man” (there’s a lot of it)
  16. The “Lam” Archetype (creepy shit)
  17. Mandela Effect (there’s a lot of specious “evidence,” but a few genuine anomalies out there)
  18. Lab-Grown Meat (but will we grow chickens anymore?)
  19. “The End Of Ownership” (how we’re moving towards a “possessionless” society whether you like it or not)
  20. Review/Analysis Of PKD’s “The Transmigration Of Timothy Archer” (I cried through reading most of this book, so that might be a preview)