Tarot Forecast: Week Of May 29, 2017


What’s in the cards this week for the world? Do we really still want to know? Wouldn’t binge-watching episodes of one’s favorite lightweight NBC sitcom be better than embarking on this potentially troublesome inquiry into the Unknown?

Let’s find out!


Right off the bat you have an intersection/”opposition”/encounter here with the Prince of Swords and the Queen of Swords reversed. They are from the same suit, which is a very intellectually penetrating symbol; cutting right to the heart of the matter.

The way the Prince of Swords is rendered, he almost looks like The Chariot; very self-directed and engrossed with his work. He is directing his energy outward to others; moving forward in motion while at the same time directing this energy forward. A sense of this intense momentum.

In contrast, the Queen of Swords looks like she is sitting back after successfully engaging in a battle; but it is in the reversed position; so she feels she can no longer be so passive (resting on her “laurels”). Her energy and the energy of the Prince of Swords combine to create the last card in the sequence, The Star. There is a yin/yang thing combining here to get to the next level.

And so I feel there will be some sort of breakthrough this week, as these energy patterns combine to create a wholly new pattern. We are in an era where this new pattern will emerge and eventually predominate; the “new” essentially being “overthrown” by the “old” in ever-increasing waves or stages. And yet when we say “new” here we do not necessarily mean something that has never been done before; but rather, this is a higher-frequency energy that has probably returned and returned on this planet in a cyclical fashion. Sort of the ethic of doing it and doing it and doing it until you get it “right”—getting it right and then reaching a new plateau.