Tarot Forecast: Week Of June 5, 2017


What vibe will envelop the world this week? What type of energy can you expect to predominate within the cosmic panorama? Should you have that haircut? Let’s find out!


We are once again using the Thoth deck; not as “pretty” as other decks, but it has the imagery that seems to work best for me at the moment.

The card in the first position is the 5 of Disks: “Worry.” It’s of an upside-down pentagram and denotes specifically financial/material concerns. I think some of these concerns are not necessarily “real”—but more like “what ifs.” So a lot of this anxiety is produced without a real grounding in the reality of the issue.

The next card is the Prince of Swords—what we saw in last week’s reading as well, but now it’s more “active” and in the middle position—in the “middle” of things.

There’s a dreamy quality of the Queen of Cups in the last position—but she is in the reversed aspect, and maybe that is for the best.

It feels like the Prince of Swords is sort of getting “squeezed” by the 5 of Disks on one side (financial/material concerns) and the Queen of Cups (tendency to “dream” your way out of it) on the other. And meanwhile, the Prince of Swords itself is a very active card (he is depicted on a chariot with sword drawn, engaging his foes).

And so the Prince is sort of “blocking out” his Queen of Cups tendency to instead focus on his pressing issues (no doubt spurred on by that pesky 5 of Disks).

How this plays out in the “world” stage is of a very direct, “war-like” (but crucially: with a degree of penetrating intelligence), active, aggressive motion to address certain pressing concerns (economic and possibly also sociological in nature). This is a masculine-type energy (though not necessarily belonging to a man), in contrast to the Queen of Cups. This is more left-brain energy rather than right—and appropriately, we can see this by the positioning of the cards. The right-brain Queen of Cups is being somewhat suppressed as this issue on the left side is being taken care of—maybe that is appropriate for the situation.

At least the Prince of Swords is upright and active; I would imagine that is half the battle right there.

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