What Is Happening To Jim Carrey?


Mind you, I’m not saying anything bad happening to Jim Carrey—but something is happening. Or perhaps more accurately, already has happened, has been in the process of happening for a while.

His recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live—showing off his epic beard—left some a little bit perplexed. This new Carrey seemed relatively quiet, introspective—and had apparently formed a significant amount of distance from “the character” Jim Carrey:

Don’t get me wrong, Jim Carrey is a great character, and I was lucky to get the part. But I don’t think of that as me anymore.


I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world. And now I feel like the world and the universe experiencing a guy.

Now, some of that could be him still dealing with the tragic death of his ex-girlfriend Cathriona White (a trial date for a wrongful death suit brought upon him by White’s mother and ex-husband was set last week). But for a person who was the actor of the world in the mid-1990s and for about ten years after that, his career trajectory just seemed to stop dead in 2013/2014.

carrey-beardAnd then when you review his filmography…and you see just how powerful on a spiritual level (and sometimes that’s “spiritual” through humor; even the humor of the “Fool”) many of his roles were…it just all feels very intense, really fast. And if you watch the Jimmy Kimmel clip, you can definitely “read” that on him. He’s just “channeled” some stuff over the last twenty years or so really really fast, and really raw.

This could all be Carrey pulling an “Andy Kaufman” (whom Carrey played in a movie)…maybe a plea for “attention.” But I don’t think so. I think Carrey has really changed, and this was set in motion before White’s death (though the event might have speeded it up somewhat):

Here is Carrey on Kimmel last week:

And here is Carrey on Kimmel in 2014:

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