Tarot Forecast: Week Of June 12, 2017


Tra-la-LAAA! It is me again, spouting off some esoteric nonsense based on a set of laminated cards. Could I be crazy like a fox, hiding my profound wisdoms within self-effacing humor and Batman memes? Or are these minutes you will never get back again in your life? Let’s find out what the cards say about all that:

Here’s the spread I got for the coming week’s energy:


When I used to read cards for others in-person, I’d always preface it by saying that if they received certain “bad” cards—The Devil, The Tower, Death—that these cards only (you know…usually) represented metaphors and sometimes weren’t really that bad at all. Here’s an example you might have heard before: the Death card as really representing “Change.” So if say you were in a shitty situation—the Death card might actually be a welcome thing, in the sense that you would be soon exiting said situation.

That all said…we start this reading with the Devil card.


And so that symbolizes kind of being “stuck” on something…being kind of in “bondage” to it. Like an oppressive influence that you can’t shake. The key here is that you actually can shake this influence—it’s about choices that you make. The Devil card does not represent a situation you have zero control over. But it’s you who has to make the decision.

And so if we now extend this card meaning to the general energy in the world—it’s like a “learned” helplessness. People are suffering, are angry, are at the breaking point regarding a lot of bullshit—but they also feel tired, overworked, distracted, powerless, etc.

The next card of the spread is the 9 of Swords, in the reversed position. I like this card here and I’ll tell you why: it represents an “end” to the burdens and anxiety. In the upright position, it’s like this literal set of Swords of Damocles hanging over a person (especially in terms of being so upsetting they get nightmares and can’t even sleep). You can relate those anxieties to the Devil card right before.

But somehow, these burdens are going to be lifted. Is the answer to all this the next card in the spread, the King of Cups reversed? Isn’t the “reversed” position somewhat negative here?

Well, it could be that the King of Cups, as it’s placed at the other end of the spread, is sort of representing this “Devil” type figure. Note that both figures have the star symbol over their foreheads. Maybe as the energy subsides from the King of Cups figure, who is radiating this “oppressive” energy, the burdens lift.

Or maybe if you are the King of Cups yourself, in which case…what is the nature of what oppresses you? Are you sleeping enough? Are you in turmoil? Is it that you are not true enough to your essential “Cuppian” nature (you know: emotionality, creativity, deep spirituality, etc.)? Or, conversely, are you in a spot where you need to concentrate on the opposite (reverse) of your nature in order to get out of an oppressive situation?

I hesitate to ascribe a possible “wider world” meaning to the King of Cups here & his situation…because let’s face it, we could do so with the current political world situations pretty easily, every month. Perhaps a monthly reading might be better in indicating such matters—but to worry about it week-to-week, day-to-day (as would be the case with the anxiety-ridden 9 of Swords)…there’s no point to it. Maybe that’s part of the daily anxiety thing you can get rid of right off the bat.

Anyway…so there you have it! Until next week, brave citizens of Earth.


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