Bruno Borges’ Family Makes Publishing Deal For His Decoded Books


This may be exciting news for those who are following the Bruno Borges saga: his family recently made a deal with an as-of-yet undisclosed publisher to release his decoded books.

Borges made Brazilian headlines in March when he disappeared, leaving behind his room (sans furniture) looking like an occult temple and 14 mysterious books in code. These books will apparently soon be decoded—and available for all to read and consider.

how the books of Bruno Borges were originally found

His family has even released the title of the first book—Theory of Absorption of Knowledge (TAC)—and a synopsis of its contents:

It is a methodology to increase the absorption and creation of knowledge. One of the practices would be “isolation”, capable of enhancing spirituality and sensory organs to generate knowledge-producing insights.

Borges had also specified the exact order in which the books were to be released, which the family is following.

A big question here is the status of a contract recently found in the home of Marcelo Ferreira, a friend of Borges. This contract, allegedly made before/on the day of Borges’ disappearance, guaranteed a percentage of profits from the books to Ferreira, another friend, and the young author’s cousin.

Ferreira has been subsequently arrested for providing false testimony to police.

Has the family’s book deal invalidated this previous contract? Has the Ferreira contract been authenticated as indeed being with Bruno Borges?

And where is Bruno Borges?

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