Tarot Forecast: Week Of June 19, 2017


Welcome to another installment of this little experiment!

This time I thought it might be a little neat to read from more of a “specialty” deck—The Psychic Tarot For The Heart by John Holland.

I know there are a lot of specialty decks such as this out there now (if tarot readers on YouTube are any gauge), and your mileage may vary as to whether these cards stray too much from the “traditional” tarot. In the case of the Psychic Tarot, I kind of like it because it frankly has really pretty art but doesn’t sacrifice symbolism or meaning.

Did I mention it has really pretty pictures?

So here goes:


The first card, Rebuild, is modeled after The Tower of the traditional tarot, and you get some of that imagery at the bottom of her dress with the lightning. The Tower is kind of a scary card, but this particular tarot tries to cast things in more of a constructive light across the board. So while her foundations here have taken a “hit” with the lightning, she also has the wings to “take off” if need be.

So this is a sort of energy where when one door closes, another opens. Like when your house gets flooded but then you use the insurance money to rebuild and make things look 100% better. The opportunity to spruce up that house was created by the initially anxiety-provoking event, which was the flooding. And that’s sort of an act of God, that flooding, out of your hands or conscious planning. It was just “time.”

The next card is Embrace, which is equivalent to The World in traditional cards. Here is a clearer image of that card, because it’s kind of nicely rendered:


And here you see yourself as part of a greater continuity with the Cosmos. It is necessary to have that sense of continuity and belongingness to the grander scheme of things, rather than falling prey to the sort of isolation that spiritual practice/introspection is wont to do. And the guy on this card is sort of “lifting off” into the sky/space as is the pair of wings in Rebuild, so it is this connection with the wider world that facilitates this rebuilding process.

If we go back to the example of the flooded house—in order to fix that up, you’re going to need to make a bunch of “connections” with relevant people. The insurance peeps, the house-fixer-upper peeps, and so on. You can’t do this on your own.

The last card is Believe & Succeed, which matches up with the 6 of Swords in the traditional deck. And this is the famed “Crossing The Waters.” You’ve started rebuilding, you’ve made the necessary connections in the world you need to facilitate this, and now you are well on your way. The “prep” is over.

In the card, the sky is somewhat murky but a light—almost coming from the boat itself—is showing the way. And you see the same “inner light” imagery in the first two cards as well. And so there is a degree of this inner belief and conviction that must be had in order to move forward.

Going back to the flooded house scenario: there’s going to be a period of time when you’re getting your house fixed where you’re going to be like “shit, I just can’t picture this house ever looking great again.” But that’s when you have to stay the course.

In terms of energy and events playing out in the news you might see some really sort of crazy “the floorboards pulled back and tons of rot underneath-type stuff happening”—for which the corrective would be these steps as laid out in the card spread.

But for the most part, I think this is about your flooded house.

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