Will Amazon’s Whole Foods Be Mostly Staffed By Robots?


Please understand, this is merely a rhetorical question: based on Amazon’s plans, as of six months ago, to have a chain of mostly-automated “self-serve” supermarkets. Now that the juggernaut company has plans to acquire Whole Foods, will the objectives for Amazon’s “Take It And Go” merely be transferred over to the more well-known grocery chain?

“Take It And Go” boasts “no lines, no checkout.” You merely “scan in” with your Amazon account as you walk through the door, pick up what items you want, and leave. Literally: that’s it. Everything else is kept track of through sensors and the like and charged to your account.

As you can imagine, this type of situation means that “Take It And Go” supermarkets doesn’t need a lot of staff.

And while Amazon was planning to open their first “Take It And Go” in Seattle this year, with more shops to follow…is the Whole Foods acquisition sort of a way to introduce this technology to a wider market?

Certainly, from a demographic standpoint, merging “self-serve” tech with the type of customers who frequent Whole Foods may work out perfectly. You’d just need a few humans to slice the artisanal bread.

And then you can cut out the brick-and-mortar thing all together and just have a Whole Foods-branded section of Amazon.com.

But then of course, that whole “community green grocer” thing goes out the window. But why pretend anymore?

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