Tarot Forecast: Week Of June 26, 2017


And yet again here we are—my friends via the digital realm—as we gather ’round this most auspicious dime-store cartoon-card oracle. What energy awaits your seven days ahead? Perhaps infinite variables via the Butterfly Effect have led you to exactly this moment in time to receive this information. Come

This week I’m going back to the Hanson-Roberts tarot, which is like the “Bob Ross” of tarot decks for me. Nice n’ easy, happy trees:


The first card here is the Four of Swords in the reversed position. Now, this card is very much like the Hermit card…a card of retreat, resting, and introspection. But it is reversed…which means if you have been doing a lot of that, it won’t (or can’t) continue this week. Maybe this means you take the initiative, or maybe this means that the Universe takes the initiative for you; each methodology has its pros and cons.

Next in the sequence is The High Priestess. This is really the yin to the Magician’s yang—the perfect embodiment of this female-type esoteric energy. High Priestess/Magician energy is not really a “gendered” thing in terms of how we in this reality see it—it is, rather, this underlying essence of an individual.


The High Priestess energy is what I like to refer to as the “Matrix” energy—which is not so much like “the Matrix” like Neo/Morpheus/Trinity/Mr. Smith matrix, or “the universe is a computer simulation” matrix, but like “Matrix-Mother-Goddess,” goddess like Nuit is  goddess. And so as we consider The High Priestess as Nuit, we kind of do get back to the idea of “the matrix”—the realm of all possibility.

Nuit and the realm of all possibility

In order to meet the High Priestess, the Four of Swords energy needs to be “flipped”—because the High Priestess is going to “hang back” a little bit. She’s there like the gambler with her cards.

And the last card in the reading is Judgement (you can’t see the trumpet with the light flare in my photo, I know). This is the no-bullshit “call”—the very essence of the meme “it’s happening”:


Judgement is *literally* The Call. It’s the sort of thing we both look forward to/dread—which kept us at the Four of Swords in the first place, just sort of hanging back and not wanting to make a move.

Because judgement can be *scary*. It can be that call, that sort of goes like:





Or it can be like “final judgment” and shit, man. Sometimes all of the above.

In terms of how this plays out in world-energy, you might expect a sort of “movement” happening within some sort of stagnant situation, leading to a sudden revelation/”coming to judgement” about some issue. This would be through a more “female energy” channel or person.

Short version: something “dormant” has been somewhat awakened. The idea is to take your lead, or avoid it & let the universe deal with it.


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