a thought

one of the things I really want to do is start “carving up” some of these journals I have and just put the information out there. and these journal entries are sort of like “multimedia” experience type things: photos, quotes, images, intuitions, inspirations, conjectures, and etc.

each day’s entry has a sort of “shape” to it. sometimes it’s just a bunch of research from other sources on a topic, like how “lightning” has a symbolic relationship to the idea of sudden enlightenment. but that might be kind of cool.

but is this really material that would have any meaning to others, or is it just subjective self-reflective navel-gazing shit? and that’s a good question. editing is key, i suppose.

i just have a ton of stuff to get out there, and then i have a ton more that’s in my head that i need to get out there as well. that has been the main thrust in my life for probably the past two years straight, big time.