Humanity’s Test


This was going to be a Road to 2020 post, but I don’t think my ideas on this are fully crystalized yet. So here are just some thoughts on the idea of spiritual evolution and the dilemma of our current society.

It is clear to me that there is no constructive (key word “constructive”) plan in place, as of yet, to deal with the massive unemployment that is coming due to highly accelerated automation. And I believe this resurgence of “social Darwinism” that we see in society at present—this sort of increase in coldness and outright cruelty—is an expression of the zeitgeist subconsciously understanding the dilemma here, and, in advance, wanting to make sure they get the biggest slice of the ever-shrinking pie.

I think back to yesterday, when I was reading the comments (my first mistake) on a YouTube video for “positivity and happiness” relaxation music. And this guy wrote that the secret to happiness was to “ignore the sick, poor, and ugly” and only focus on “the good things.”

This man’s avatar was this photo of him with his wife and kids, and I believe there was nothing ironic or even outwardly cruel or crazy about how he wrote this—I believe he believed it, completely & without any irony whatsoever. He completely embodied this “scarcity zeitgeist” thing I just wrote about.

And so this was a comment left on this “feel good,” New Agey video…and how much of New Age stuff you see out there also preaches this message, albeit in a far more sophisticated, disguised way? “Think only good thoughts.” You are told to block everything that is “negative” out. Good vibes, bad vibes. “Bad vibes”=”the sick, poor, and ugly.”

We talk about concepts like “ascension” and it starts to become this story of the “enlightened” (the “saved”) and those that are “left behind.” And it all starts to morph into the same narrative as some of the Christian Evangelicals—the same story, social Darwinism “dressed up” with spiritual justification.

I believe that humans are on this planet to spiritually grow and evolve, and that has to include service and mercy and charity and understanding and kindness. We are to evolve our souls from one level—which is like an “animal” level—to another, higher level. And this evolution won’t happen through selfishness and hatred. It just won’t.

If humanity devolves back into this animalistic “me and mine” sort of mindset, I don’t think it’s going to get a “free pass” from the Universe. I think there is more expected from us. And there is no “ascension” without this greater divine spiritual growth.

I think that Earth is a “school,” and this is all a test for our souls. And I think some people—many, many people—believe not only that they are “acing” this test, but derive a certain amount of primal joy in thinking about all the people who will not be “saved.” Have and have-nots. My team and your team. “I win.” Losers and winners. “Take THAT!”

And this primal joy in the suffering and “losing” of others is an animal impulse (the “law of the wild,” competition over food and pack-supremacy and whatnot) that has been twisted by modern society; twisted by this chance at higher spiritual evolution that has been rejected.

I’m not perfect, and tend to not adopt/champion any one ideology/point-of-view. But some stuff is becoming clear to me.