Saving Pepe


Two months ago, cartoonist Matt Furie killed his creation Pepe the Frog, citing the imaginary amphibian’s corruption by a nefarious cabal of alt-right Internet users.

But now, thanks to the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, Pepe might return—as, in Furie’s words, “a universal symbol for peace, love, and acceptance.”

And so the “symbol wars” continue, my friends, and let us not pretend that the fate of the universe (or, at least, that of the Republic) depends on merely a handful of comic book and cartoon characters.

Specifically, Furie is seeking to raise money to create a new Boy’s Club zine—Boy’s Club being where Pepe first appeared, peeing with his pants all the way down and uttering the immortal line: “feels good, man.”

But you would have to imagine it is more than just a little frustrating to see one of your creations become one of the most replicated images of all time & world-famous (albeit in a highly infamous way)—without you getting any sort of “cut” whatsoever. It’s like: “I created Mickey Mouse—oops, it’s now the People’s now! And he hates SJWs! Oh, GREAT!”

As Furie says in his Kickstarter video, this is specifically an effort to “rebrand” Pepe. But can such a meme be rebranded? Perhaps the same people who brought us The Emoji Movie might one day show us the adventures of a rehabilitated Pepe the Frog? Can we dare hope for as much?

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