An Alternate History Of Jack Parsons, Part 3: Finding Babalon


BABALON is too beautiful
for sight of mortal eyes
She has hidden her loveliness away
in lonely midnight skies…
—Jack Parsons, “The Book Of Babalon”

Jack Parsons eventually made it his life’s work to search for Babalon—the powerful elemental female force who rocks the universe.

He found her…but probably not where it is commonly believed he did. At least according to the alternate history.



At this point, it might be helpful to review who Babalon is. According to the Thelemic religion, founded by Aleister Crowley, she is the basic female impulse—the “liberated woman.” You could call her Mother Earth, the mother goddess, the one basic Goddess template…the personification of yin energy, creative energy.

You could also link her with the “Whore of Babylon” from the Biblical Book Of Revelations…where you will also find The Beast. You could also equate the “Phoenix Force” energy from the X-Men comics with her. You could get really creative with it.


But Crowley believed that Babalon could manifest as a human host on Earth, being this really hot-to-trot chick the Scarlet Woman—her liberation being largely sexual in nature. This Scarlet Woman would copulate with the agent of Horus on Earth, The Beast—which conveniently would be Crowley himself.

Per Crowley:

It is necessary to say here that The Beast appears to be a definite individual; to wit, the man Aleister Crowley. But the Scarlet Woman is an officer replaceable as need arises.

That’s a pretty good deal.


And so the Beast would have sex with the Scarlet Woman in this grand ritual, and the Aeon of Horus would begin. That was the plan, at any rate.

But it was Jack Parsons who would finally get it done. Because he probably had a better “handle” on where Babalon was really to be found.


Marjorie Cameron

And so starting in December of 1945 Jack began a series of rituals which he would call the Babalon Working, with the hope that he would create the Earthly incarnation of the goddess (referred to as a “Moonchild,” from the book by Crowley of the same name).

A large portion of these rituals involved him masturbating onto magical tablets while his buddy L. Ron Hubbard kept his eyes out for any significant paranormal activity that might indicate the Goddess was afoot.

Marjorie Cameron and Jack Parsons

The Babalon Working climaxed in the Mojave Desert in late February 1946, and apparently when Jack got back home fire-haired Marjorie Cameron was waiting for him—as if she was created out of thin air, the actual “Moonchild” of the ritual.

The ritual worked! The woman Jack sought was finally here!

Cameron was to become Jack’s Scarlet Woman—and Jack was to become the Beast (fuck Crowley), the Antichrist. And together they would evoke and evoke and evoke.


But while Cameron, who would go on to be an important occult figure in her own right, might have been the “avatar” of Babalon—according to the alternate history, she wasn’t the Babalon, the source of the frightening amount of energy raised that day in the Mojave Desert.


From the graphic novel about Parsons, “The Marvel”

As a child, Jack Parsons was a constant victim of bullies, who considered him weak and effeminate. When grew up, he decided to project a very “manly” and macho attitude so he would never be so thought of again.

And so he suppressed this feminine energy; as every person has the potentiality for both feminine and masculine energies within, both energies combining to create The World.

But when Jack did these magickal workings, both before and after he met (“materialized”) Cameron…it is the belief of the alternate history that the gate through which he “pulled out” Babalon was himself.


Where do we find some of the most powerful energies? In our “shadow selves,” in that which we repress. Because each of us are microcosms of the Whole.

In the book Ozma of Oz (Oz resonating Aleister Crowley, Liber OZ), the little boy Tip finds out at the very end of the book that he was secretly Ozma all along. That’s a pretty surprising ending to an old children’s book. But in a way, that’s sort of what happened to Jack.


The Beast and Babalon are just opposite sides of the same coin. That’s the secret. When the avatars of these two powerful archetypal symbols merge, they create one Whole through which both currents run and are interchangeable.

divine androgyne (couple)

As Jack himself wrote in his Book of Babalon (emphasis mine):

It is indicated that this force is actually incarnate in some living woman, as the result of the described magical operation. A more basic matter, however, is the indication that this force is incarnate in all men and women, and needs only to be invoked to free the spirit from the debris of the old aeon, and to direct the blind force of Horus into constructive channels of understanding and love.

This must mean, then, that the force of nature called The Beast might work in a similar, necessarily reversed, manner.

Don’t tell Crowley that, though.


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