I Have Never Seen A UFO. But.


Today is World UFO Day, and I think this would be a good time to say: I have never seen a UFO. That I remember.

Now, I have seen “weird lights,” and all that. But there is just so much stuff “going on” in the sky that’s (hu)man-made—crazy secret experimental stuff, stuff that isn’t secret but nobody really understands it or knows the flight schedules…And now, with these drones and whatnot that’s only going to increase.


That’s not me saying that there aren’t genuine sightings of things (crafts, vehicles, probes) in the sky/in space that do not originate from Earth. I guess my point is more like…there are probably *so many different things* out there: Earth stuff, “alien” stuff, extradimensional stuff, spinning mandalas, purposeful hologram/hallucinations…it’s not an “either/or” equation. And it might not be something that we will always be able to qualify/verify.

And then if we apply this sort of playful skepticism/agnosticism regarding UFOs to our own concepts of reality…as Robert Anton Wilson commented on the topic in his Cosmic Trigger:

At the point of conscious recognition, the identified image is organized into a three-dimensional hologram which we project outside ourselves and call “reality.” We are much too modest about our own creativity if we take any of those projections literally.

Is that UFO “real?” What do ordinary objects really “look like” if we remove our unique sensory interpretations of them via our unique biological vehicles? How did we get here? This is not my beautiful wife. This is not my beautiful house. And so on.

That’s at the root of the biggest societal taboos regarding getting involved with this UFO research stuff—even beyond the Powers That Be sending their goons out to discourage. Consensus reality is a very precious thing, very delicate to balance and maintain. You question One Important Thing…a bunch may follow.

Now, I began this post by saying that I’ve never seen anything that I felt in my gut could possibly be a UFO. But I have had a series of “encounters” with something in the mid-Nineties which *could* be classified as some sort of “alien”-type thing. But they could have also been seizures, my mind being messed with by something more Earth-based, temporary insanity, brief personal shamanic experiences, etc.


And I remember during one of these incidents—December 12, 1996 to be exact—I at one point, within what felt like an extremely lucid dream, saw some things that resembled the “classic” gray aliens. This is what I wrote as soon as I woke up, describing what I had observed:

In my desperation to make sense out of everything, staring into the mirror far too intently, seeing little grey aliens and knowing deep down with a feeling of fear that it is just me trying to put a pat answer to something bigger than that—it wasn’t these very “X-Files” aliens I see in the mirror. Their figures are just what would be the most pat answer, then join an alien abduction group, yippie, everything is solved and documented…no. Not aliens, not like those. Nothing pat like that. But something, definitely.

Even within the UFO research experience, there sometimes seems to be this need to have this new “consensus reality”-type thing in place—something perhaps far more “literal” than what might actually be happening—in order to not get too creeped out by what may never be fully understood by our sight and hearing and human-type brains.


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