Tarot Forecast: July-December 2017


I thought since it is the midway point of the year, to try something a little different and read the cards for the next six months: July through December. We’re gonna get some action, some drama, some thrills—and hopefully, some rest.

Here is the spread (helpfully labeled):


JULY: Four Of Swords Reversed
Four of Swords, a card we’ve seen before in these readings, is very much like The Hermit, in that it represents a time of retreat and rest. But in its reversed aspect, it signifies the exact opposite—a time of great activity.

And more than just being a time of great activity, it’s indicating that YOU need to be very proactive with things, and prepared to take on the extra “business,” as it were. This is about engaging in very “life in the material world”-type things—things necessary to get to the next step of where you want to be. Spirit can’t do everything—it can only point the way and occasionally drop in a deus ex machina here and there.

AUGUST: Ace Of Rods Reversed
Astrologically-speaking, with a monster solar eclipse happening on August 21…this month in terms of the world in general (U.S. in particular) is going to be somewhat of a shitshow. And in this spread of the next six months, this is the only really huge potential clusterfuck I see.

It’s the sort of thing that could make you question all the hard work you just did in July; make you question everything. It’s literally (as you see in the card image) things being tossed upside-down.

But look at it this way: you can’t have something “broken” for a long time and then think you can fix it all in a matter of months. You can make solid steps to fix it; you can surround yourself with good energy & that can do wonders; you can make steps towards progress. But it’s going to take time. It’s about making a plan for months ahead of time—saying, “by the beginning of 2018 these things will be in place.” And that’s all about planning, faith, healthy living, commitment, etc.

It helps to have a real clear idea of what your “mission” is here, in order to have something to apply laser-type focus and to sail you through this month and beyond.

SEPTEMBER: Eight Of Pentacles
Guess what? After all that bullshit in August, you are back to work (literally/figuratively) and totally “in the zone.” All those things you had to process last month really opened up your energy channels, flushing all that gunk out of the way.

It’s a similar energy to what you’ve seen in July, but without that sense of…”desperation.” Without the rushing. You are still busy, but in a way that feels a lot more natural. Bravo you!

OCTOBER: The High Priestess
A weird month with a high degree of psychic energy flying around. October, as it leads deeper into Fall towards Halloween, is always a little more of an “uncanny” (“witchy?” my better adjectives escape me at the moment) month. But I think there is the potential to achieve a really *deep* sense of…Gnosis? That’s the word I’m getting here.

It’s like when Neo in The Matrix goes to Oracle and she explains a lot stuff. She doesn’t explain all of it, and there are still mysteries there—but you have achieved these deeper revelations through talking to her.

And from knowing that stuff, you truly cannot go back to exactly as things were. Even though you thought you had “control” over it—with your proactivity in July, and your stunning “comeback” in September. Some things are going to move under the weight of their own momentum. You decide when to move, and when to let it move you.

NOVEMBER: Judgment
And now this is the “reckoning” month. Not the “oh holy shit” month like August was, but a month of reckoning and resolution. That’s not a bad thing. For some people.

But as for yourself: it’s like the culmination of this path you have been on these bunch of months. It’s like saying: “this is it. I understand things now. this is absolutely the way things have to be. and I’m not making this decision lightly. and I’m not overanalysing things, or micro-managing, or not letting the Universe take care of it.”

There’s an “ease” to this Judgment. And now things can truly be said to move forward; to move completely forward.

DECEMBER: Three Of Swords Reversed
It’s an end to heartache & sorrow, but after a really long (at least, it FELT long) struggle.

The exact “note,” I think, is sort of like these bunch of videos from “The Walk Of Life Project,” where the endings of all these classic films are re-scored with “Walk Of Life” from Dire Straits. Well, except maybe for the Shining video. Though I guess even Jack Torrance was kind of “happy,” in his way, at the end of that movie. Oh, now I think I’m spoiling the moment. OK. Anyway. You can pick the video that most applies to you.

That’s it for the year 2017. Onto 2018.

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