Joker And Harley Shot At Swinger’s Party

NOT a photo of the *actual people* involved in the case

Folks, every time you cosplay as the Joker outside of a bonafide comic book convention, you sort of “dance with the devil in the pale moonlight”—do you know what I’m saying? It’s a weird tango.

The latest “Joker incident” recently took place at a swinger’s club in Melbourne, Australia. Cops raided the “Sinners and Saints” party at 3 AM and shot a couple dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn—allegedly as the pair were having intercourse with each other.

“the Joker”…

The authorities claim what is now known to be a fake prop gun was pointed at them by the “Joker”—35-year-old Dale Ewins—prompting the shooting. The club owner Martha Tsamis disputes this version of the story, saying that the Joker in question was not holding anything in his hand but rather was in the middle of the type of physical activity normal for the nature of the “Sinners and Saints” event.

…and Harley

Ewins was shot in the side, and Harley (Zita Sukys) was hit in the leg. A Facebook photo posted shortly before the party shows them posing with the fake gun, in happier times.

not a real gun

In debating whether these cops were a bit trigger-happy for no reason, it should be remembered that there was an incident in May where a guy dressed as the Punisher had real weapons and was planning to assassinate the Green Power Ranger at a comic con. But with cosplay and the iconography of superheroes becoming such a part of our daily lives…we are probably only going to see more of these situations, both involving the innocent and the not-so-innocent.

Our world is becoming the equivalent of “mascot row” in Times Square except we are likely to be dressed as a mascot as well.

As for the club, Inflation—it plans to file a complaint with the Melbourne Chief Commissioner of Police.

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