Tarot Forecast: Week Of July 10, 2017


It’s tarot for the week, it’s tarot for the week…tarot tarot tarot for the weeeeeeeeeee-K!

Tarot for the week:

This week I’m using the Thoth deck, which I feel is a good one for really getting to the more abstract “energy” of  situation. You know: not so much about how the symbols “look” to you…but rather the underlying “tone” of things.

So here we are:


The first card is he three of cups: Abundance. Literally, about one’s cup runneth-ing over. Too much of a good thing, perhaps? In the traditional decks, this is pictured as three women holding cups (grails?) up to each other in celebration. But the Thoth deck has a bit of “ick” smeared over this (and other cards too)…here, the celebration feels a little “overdone.” Like an ostentatious ice sculpture at a reception; or like a big flowing chocolate fondue fountain. It’s too much.

Certainly, this definition might fit better with the 8 of cups from this deck, Indolence. And by the time you get to the 10 of cups, things start to get more balanced and you have Satiety—you’ve moved out of the material “plane” and concerns all together and have a true spiritual balance (which maybe you should have been seeking all along).

But the 3 of cups here just feels like an initial “beginner’s mistake”—something overdone because it was GOOD. And you don’t even realize it’s overdone.

The second card is the Princess of Disks, which would translate to the Queen of Pentacles in a standard deck. I wouldn’t get too caught up in the gender of it, though. It could represent a specific person, or it could represent a very Earthy energy concerned with temporal/material matters. I also kind of see a thing about creative energy, generative energy.

This second card is hanging out between the cards on the left (Abundance) and the right (6 of swords, Science). So let’s look at that right card in more detail.

The Science card in this instance, to me, is like the unvarnished nuts and bolts no-BS reality of a situation. This is a situation that has very set parameters as how to succeed—set “instructions” on what needs to be done, even if it feels like a pain-in-the-ass.

And what I’m really seeing here is like being caught between the feel-good illusion of something and the need to get to some baseline of the reality. Certainly, “reality” can be a variable concept. But you know, there is the book The Secret and like a book called “Accounting 101” (and I literally own a book called Accounting 101).

What is going to “please” this Princess of Disks energy at this time? That’s what it really looks like it’s about to me.

And if we then want to stretch this out into the wider world, I feel like we are largely being distracted by news stories and issues that excite/traumatize/anger us—and not enough attention is being paid to Accounting 101. And when we get to 2020 the U.S. is going to get its “taxes” done and maybe the whole world society is going to get its “taxes” done and they’re/we’re going to be asked about what happened between 2016-2019 and it’s going to be like: we were SO DISTRACTED WITH BULLSHIT. We’ll have a handful of dank memes and no jobs for the masses.

And so. But I could be wrong.

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