Tarot Forecast: Week Of July 17, 2017


This world is way to scary to face without the benefit of a vague tarot card reading that might contain vital bits of knowledge that might change your life for all you know. Don’t walk into the Brave Unknown without it!

This week I’m using the Hanson-Roberts tarot deck, which sometimes I call the “Disney Deck” on account of the cute illustrations. (please don’t quote me to Mary Hanson-Roberts on this)

Here we go with the spread:


I call this spread sort of the “end of bullshit” spread.

In the center, you have the Ten of Swords reversed. This is usually the “backstabbing” card, just super-terrible, but reversed it almost seems like the swords are moving in “reverse.” So essentially: “reverse backstabbing motion!”

Now let’s contextualize this card in terms of the others in the spread. Right-side first, which is the Five of Swords reversed. Five of Swords is usually also kind of a backstabby, “I took your shit” type of card. I’ve read some interpretations where if it’s right-side up, you are the person “on top” who took shit from somebody else; and if it’s reversed, then you are the “victim,” basically.” But I just don’t get that vibe from the overall spread.

More like, the Five of Swords here is you *not* getting robbed, not dealing with any of this bullshit. It really feels “paired” with the Ten of Swords reversed as this “reversal of karma” situation. Like having some sort of respite from a period of time where it felt like you were just getting continually shit on for no reason.

And what could have put this “reversal of fortune” (in a good way) in motion? I think it is the first card in that spread, the Four of Pentacles reversed. Upright, it’s essentially an image of a miser, tightly holding on to his (or her) “treasures.”

But I would suggest that sometimes what is necessary is to not be so “miserly” with our own Selves. It’s about opening up to the wider world, though that might feel scary and you might even resent having to do it.

This spread, and this week, seems to all be about this reversal of karma, and I think mastering the lesson of that first card is the key. How can we give more of our true selves in a positive way that can benefit others?

So that’s what I got—see you next week!

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