Observations 7/17/17


First of all: writing that Spear Of Destiny post was a hoot, and I’m glad so many of you liked it. I had been planning it literally for months. This is such a nutty book that as I was thumbing through it last night to finish the review, I was SO tempted to start reading it all over again. It’s one of those books, for better or for worse. I will probably pick up on themes from it in future posts.

Second, I am not unaware that a new Doctor Who—the “13th” Doctor (though your mileage will vary on that #)—was recently announced, and is a woman. I wrote a brief post on my initial reflections on Fantasy Merchant, and you can read it here.

Something that usually happens in these types of pop-cultural announcements/happenings is that they immediately become politicized and infused with ideology. In short, people fight with each other. You have your people who think it is sacrilege to cast Dr. Who as a woman, those who think it’s great, people who are indifferent, and people who choose to see the actual episodes before producing judgement.

One thing that cropped up on my Facebook, and that I observed in Twitter, is a tendency to “support” women by defending the new Dr. Who in the following manner: by declaring that men who are against her are “loser virgins” that “can’t get laid.”

I can tell you right off the bat that this strategy is not helpful, least of which because you immediately equate being a virgin with something dysfunctional and “wrong”—when the statistics clearly show that adult virgins are becoming more and more a commonplace thing. Even J.K. Rowling has done this “virgin-shaming.” It does NOT help anything.

Also, I’m beginning to see more and more the trend of accusing conservative/”alt-right” people online as being autistic or “autists” or “screeching autistic rage” or whatever fucking combination. Not only is this talking out of your ass regarding something you do not fucking understand, but it also does no good at all

So anyway…that’s just an observation. Let’s defend and support things we like and care about…let’s discuss the things we don’t agree on…but let’s not add to the circle of chaos and hatred that the mainstream media often likes to get clicks off of. Let’s be better than that. There is enough shit to worry shit about. Don’t get “played.”

There are more fundamental issues at play here than the pop-culture wars. Let’s be smart. Because as we know…most people won’t.

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