Massive Dump Of JFK Assassination Docs Released By U.S. Government


The United States government just released a whole bunch of formerly classified CIA and FBI documents pertaining to the John F. Kennedy assassination, which you can access here. They are available to download in several zip files, and there spreadsheets detailing the info in each file for you to browse.

This release is in accordance with the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992, which mandates that all records (millions of them) associated with the case be released to the public by October 26, 2017.

I have not downloaded the files, but just looking through the content spreadsheets is pretty fascinating. These are transcripts, memos, surveillance notes, research documents, cables, and all sorts of stuff like that. Much of it centers on topics like Russian spies (and you can read more about that in this Newsweek/Raw Story article), Cuba, Mexico, and general intrigue surrounding who Lee Harvey Oswald might have been in contact with.

I’m not a super-expert on the JFK assassination case—but if this is something you have a particular passion for, it’s probably a must-see. I would have to imagine that there’s a lot of tasty little bits in there that just need a new perspective.

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