The “Great American Eclipse” Narrative


A scathing National Review article about Donald Trump dropped today called “Death Of A F**king Salesman,” and was quite the cause célèbre, all over social media. Right before that I finished reading a lengthy article/whitepaper written by astrologer Wade Caves called “Great American Eclipse,” examining how the upcoming August 21 total solar eclipse might impact Trump personally. “Great American Eclipse” was recently featured in a Newsweek article and was apparently so popular that the site the PDF was hosted on crashed.

There is an underlying narrative between “Death Of A F**king Salesman” and “Great American Eclipse.”

I’m not saying it’s an overt or intentional narrative, or that these two articles are in “cahoots” with each other. I don’t think you could get two more different types of articles even if you tried—one written by a snarky conservative, and the other an extremely (almost excruciatingly) detailed astrological study.

But both pieces predict doom for President Trump; one metaphorically, the other quite literally. The author of “Great American Eclipse” writes:

“I’m not sure that I want to say that all this points to Trump’s death, although I feel I’d be well within my bounds astrologically to make such a prediction given the astrological symbolism.”

In “Death of A F**king Salesman” we get the obvious reference to the doomed character Willy Loman in the title…but then there is just the word “death” itself. The word “death” being tweeted and Facebooked and linked to Donald Trump’s name and visage hundreds, thousands of times—at the same time a highly popular astrological article “sorta” predicting his possible death gets the spotlight.

It’s just a weird intersection for me; again, an intersection that I believe wasn’t consciously orchestrated, but instead seems like another subconscious expression of the zeitgeist.

Many people don’t like Trump. I don’t really like Trump. For example, I think the way he handled the trans in the military thing last week was incredibly sloppy, shamelessly opportunistic, and worded in such a way as to dog-whistle potential bullying and violence to an already vulnerable subset of the population. And I also think he has some cognitive issues as well.

But let’s make something clear here. As bad as things are in the United States right now—purposely removing the president in any manner that involves his passing from this mortal coil is only going to make things more of a banana republic and a clusterfuck than it already is. America never recovered from the JFK thing—that assassination was a cancer on America that metastasized into an avalanche of other cancers.

I’ve been saving tweets, headlines, pictures, and other things from the internet that seem to channel this romanticizing of Trump’s physical demise; I’ve been doing so since the Dead Zone/Stillson meme like two years ago. It’s a creepy energy that I pick up. I don’t question the skill of astrologer Caves and his deep astrological analysis of Trump is accompanied by several caveats (one of the strongest being an apparent discrepancy as to what his true birth time is). I do question the timing of the Newsweek article (which was also distributed through Raw Story) and how much they push the “dead king” narrative.

For a while now I felt that our timeline was on the “Nixon” track. I’ve felt that just up to like last week. But it wavers, in my intuition, between the Nixon track and this weird JFK/Reagan type thing. And the funny thing is—it seems to waver within the zeitgeist of the media as well.

Within it all, there seems to be this hunger for Narrative. Narrative—we can’t escape it. It’s something our brains need to just organize our day-to-day. An astrological reading is a narrative. So is a tarot reading. Fortune telling has been used as propaganda for centuries, maybe millennia. Not saying at all that was the intention of Caves, but it certainly feels like the Newsweek article used the findings of him and other astrologers in that manner.

Jeanne Dixon

Astrologer/psychic Jeanne Dixon apparently predicted JFK’s assassination in 1956 for Parade Magazine. She also worked with the FBI and J. Edgar Hoover during the 1960s to undercut the civil rights movement. She also did astrology for Richard Nixon and Nancy Reagan. This chick did all sorts of things, apparently; very well-connected.

(And apparently Newsweek also worked with the FBI at one point for some intelligence stuff. I’m just finding this all out as I casually type with one hand and browse the internet with the other.)

Point is…man, there is some crazy shit out there. What a mess.