Bruno Borges Comes Home

A recent photo of Bruno Borges, back home and interviewed by the media

“I searched for isolation just so as not to be disturbed by the collective.”
–Bruno Borges, translated from the Portugeuse

And so my friends, who have stuck with me through all five months of The Mysterious Disappearance Of Bruno Borgeshe is apparently alive and well(-ish).

According to his family, Borges returned home Friday morning the 11th, though they are mum on further details. The young man had suddenly disappeared March 27, leaving behind a room filled with strange glyphs and diagrams drawn on the walls, a life-sized statue of Giordano Bruno, a painting of him with an extraterrestrial, and 14 books written in code.

The vanishing of Borges became a huge deal in his native Brazil, with some people even speculating he might have left on a UFO. His parents began to have his books translated from code, and in July the 1st volume, TAC – Knowledge Absorption Theory, was published.

Was the return of Bruno Borges so soon after the book became a bestseller a coincidence? He and his family denies that this entire affair was a mere publicity stunt. However, Borges does acknowledge that he knew his disappearance would, in his words, make “people more eager for the mysterious.” He told a reporter for the Brazilian TV program The Fantastic (reminder, this is all translated from Google):

For whoever does not like the mysterious means that is dead, is inert. The world is a mystery, we do not know anything yet. How can we not like the mystery?

He also seemed to express remorse for making his family worry about his safety and wellbeing these past months, though he said he assumed people would know that he was on some sort of spiritual walkabout anyway:

It was a big mistake that I committed not to have warned those people who have a special affection for me. I thought that with everything I had left, everyone would know that I had been isolated to seek the truth of life, the moment they looked at my room the way I left it.

Borges has not moved in back with his family, but rather is choosing to stay in an undisclosed location.

My take on all of this? There’s probably a bunch of details here that we don’t know about…I mean, obviously. Is it as simple as saying it was a marketing ploy for the books? Are there any other people behind-the-scenes here who might be more well-connected to various spiritual groups in Brazil & were seeking to “elevate” some sort of prophet-like figure?

And what about the painting of Borges with the alien? Even giving just a cursory glance at the contents of TAC, it seems obvious to me that the man is promoting a sort of highly-ascetic form of spiritual inquiry—one that emphasizes abstaining from sex and praises an asexual lifestyle—that is similar to that espoused by the Heaven’s Gate community.

As I noted when this business first started…Borges disappeared on the 20th anniversary of the immediate aftermath of the Heaven’s Gate mass suicide. This, combined with the fact that both Borges and the cult had a painting of a “traditional” large-headed space alien on their wall…

Many questions here. But, as I suspected, Borges is indeed alive.

Will he now actively become some sort of “religious” figure?

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