Freemasonry In The Age Of 3D Printed Buildings

World’s first 3D printed castle

I’m currently reading an old book (from like the beginning of the previous century) on Freemasonry. I just wanted to read about the topic not from the “conspiracy-seeking” perspective of the contemporary era, but by an actual Mason sort of “in the middle of it.”

And one of the central tenets of this book is that the tools and theory of building represents the “universal laws” of humanity. And that these laws and values are eternal, and are fundamentally the same for all cultures and societies since time began.

But immediately, this thought popped up in my head: “what about 3D printed housing?”

Using 3D printing in construction is one of the fastest-growing trends—and, combined with AI workers, drastically reduces the time and cost of building a structure.


But if you are printing out your bricks and walls instead of employing these “time-tested” methods of masonry…and if robots are laying down these materials and putting everything together…then that seems, to me, to change the “eternal” paradigm.

Similarly, what if the mind-blowing “advances” in technology and science we are currently witnessing (if we pay attention) ends up changing these “universal laws” and truths? What if the human brain itself (in more and more selected individuals as the generations go on) is changing in such a manner as to speed up this transformation of the “eternal paradigm?”

What if this “eternal paradigm” was just a phase in human history—a necessary phase, a relatively long-lasting phase, but simply a phase?

This is all really fanciful talk from a person (myself) who has gone to the same eye doctor for almost 20 years, the same barber for 10 years, and is loathe to give up sneakers that are comfortable no matter how old and ratty and godforsaken nasty they are.