“Nexus Dawn” And The Faustian Bargain


If you do have a chance & are interested in that kind of stuff, do check out the 6-minute “short film” prequel to Blade Runner 2049, “Nexus Dawn.” Outside of it being kinda cool, it does speak to this tension between our need to expand our technology and the danger of unwittingly (for some peeps, probably wittingly) creating a “post-human” society.

Jared Leto plays this ultra-creepy replicant (robot/AI) manufacturer of replicants, Niander Wallace, and he basically offers the Powers That Be a whole bunch of replicants even though they have become illegal.

Wallace’s argument is that there is no way humanity can really explore and expand within outer space without more robots. And TPTB are like: “we’re doing fine with the humans we have on our mining colonies,” and Wallace responds that they really can’t do the requisite expansion necessary without the army of robots.

And so here I want to point out that: #1, by 2049 especially, but probably earlier, off-world mining is going to be a big factor of everyday life. Moon mining, asteroid mining, maybe Mars mining. And so #2, getting enough trained human personnel out there is going to be an issue. And frankly, AI of all sorts of forms are going to be better suited for this.

But as more AI and “post-humans” (“cyborgs,” genetically enhanced humans, etc.) are “pumped out” to be sent on these missions…colonizing other worlds…you know, they become a sort of formidable “species” (probably not the exact word, but you know what I mean) in-and-of-themselves. They are like: “well, WE conquered Mars, etc. but we’re treated like expendable worker-drones. that doesn’t make sense.”

In “Nexus Dawn,” Wallace has a very Luciferian vibe—kind of has “bad guy” stamped all over him—and even refers to one of his replicants as an “angel.” But this basic premise, of the tech manufacturer offering this possibly “Faustian” bargain to humanity…we’re already there. We’re there right now.