Observations 9/3/17: Late Nite Thoughts


So here are some thoughts I had as I tried to go to sleep last night; I actually kind of got my phone out and started typing this in bed.

Basically: is there anything “real-world useful” about getting really into conspiracy theories? I mean like: something that will better change the lot of humankind?

Or is it largely mental masturbation? (And I can see one or two of you out there tapping the tip of your nose and nodding in the affirmative).

First, let’s separate out the more “actionable” theories from the “non-actionable.”

An actionable conspiracy theory, to me, would be like one where a certain food or additive is theorized to be harmful. And so I agree with that theory, and take action by not ingesting that item.

A non-actionable theory, on the other hand, is like the flat earth theory. What am I supposed to do with that, even if I believed it (which I don’t, though there are some weird intersections between that and the “simulation” theory)—I mean, besides saying “poo-poo” to NASA and perhaps posting a sample of my blood on YouTube as part of a mass-ritual (because apparently that is now a thing)?

Like right now one of the theories I’ve been reading a lot up on is the “Two Oswalds,” in which there were really two “Lee Harvey Oswalds.” One was named Lee and one was named Harvey, and they went to the same school & one took the blame for the JFK assassination, and one got off. It’s way more elaborate than that, but that is the gist.

deux Oswalds

Now—what am I supposed to do with that? Some earnest believers/researchers on the subject think that the “real” Oswald is innocent and want a public/official exoneration for him; so to those peeps, you know, it is an actionable conspiracy theory.

But I don’t think Oswald will ever get a “pardon” or whatever in a million billion years—even if new evidence becomes public that shows without a shadow of a doubt that he was innocent.

Am I researching this then to get to a more ethereal “Truth”—one that will, if not “set me free,” at least keep me informed about what really goes on in the world?

But…I feel like after everything I’ve read in my lifetime…I don’t need any more piled-on Terrible Truth in order for me to “get it.” I’ve “got it.” I’m good on that.

So is reading this stuff sort of like…a hobby? A very morbid hobby?

Or, going back to the “Etherial Truth” thing…maybe not so much about Truth with a capital “T” but interfacing with deep archetypes through what is essentially contemporary “folklore” (by “folklore” I’m not saying they aren’t true—but they have a lot of aspects of folklore regardless).

The death of JFK—that is a primal archetypal thing (the Killing of the King). The “Two Oswalds” theory, with its story about these two very different boys growing up (improbably) in close proximity of each other…both with the same last name, and looking similar…like brothers. Cain and Abel, the Dark Double, the Doppelgänger, the good/bad brother.

The archetypes have an energy—and they are incredibly vital and current regardless of the truth of the lore itself. The lore is a “gateway.”

And real-life events do feed into those archetypes, making them stronger (while paradoxically being “launched,” in a way, by the active mold of the archetype itself; an ouroboros).


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