Observations, 9/8/17

hurricane-irma-sept-5-2017-cira-rammbThis Hurricane Irma thing has my stomach in knots. I refresh the live Reddit thread on it like every few minutes. I don’t know what you can really do other than call people to make sure they are OK and donate. Stressing out only adds to the stress. Saying you’ll “pray” for something doesn’t seem so fashionable these days anymore.

Yeah, it does seem as if Nature has gone “nuts.” This Associated Press article suggests that social media is making it “seem” worse. And then there is this paragraph from it:

Sometimes there’s a pattern in chaos. Sometimes there isn’t. Looking for patterns gives us a sense of control, even if we don’t really have it, said Scott Lilienfeld, a psychology professor at Emory University in Atlanta. “The human mind is a pattern-seeking organ,’” he said. “That’s how our minds work.”

Drudge Report in its headline just tied Hurricane Irma to the movie IT that is being released this weekend. Bad taste? Sort of on-the-nose?


I can’t even wrap my head around this right now. I feel horrible for everyone impacted by this hurricane since it started, and everybody in its path. I’m sure my “feels” are not going to help this situation any. I just don’t want to analyze any of this right now.

My mother, who lives right in Irma’s projected path, made sudden plans for a trip to Portugal and Spain like three months ago for exactly this week; that’s what has really rattled me. She’s fine in Europe, but she gets “intuitions” like this. I talked to her about her house, which she only had built like a year ago. She’s stoic about it; the patio furniture has been taken in.

Stay safe out there, people.