Dennis Hopper “Gets Real” With The Church Lady On SNL


Here is vintage glorious Blue Velvet-era Dennis Hopper on the Church Lady show from SNL. He is clearly treating this like a real talk show—seemingly largely unscripted—just shooting the shit and keeping it real:

Probably the the weirdest it ever got was one time when I was shooting a movie down in Mexico—I was also shooting a little cocaine—and I sorta ‘stepped off the curb,’ man…I became convinced that people were being tortured in the bowels of the hotel, cremated, you know? So I figured the way out of that was just to take my clothes off, you know, and get naked. Right? So I walked out in the jungle in the middle of the night—and suddenly I was in the Third World War, and I was being guided by space people, and then I walked into a city and screamed, ‘if you’re going to kill me like this, man, kill me like this: KILL ME NAKED!!!’

Isn’t that special?

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