Warner Bros. Pulling “Geostorm” Posters Out Of Theaters ‘Cause Too Real Man


Talk about your bad timing! The Warner Bros. weather disaster movie Geostorm is scheduled to hit screens October 20th…but the studio just pulled the posters for the film out of theaters out of respect for those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The poster in question features a massive wave about to pour over skyscrapers in a major city and presumably drown a guy and his little kid. Its tagline is “Brave The Storm.”


Is this a case of synchronicity, when a major movie or other form of entertainment seemingly “anticipates” a major event? And/or did the WB mess up by scheduling this film so close to the tail-end of the hurricane season?

Interestingly, Geostorm is not about a “natural” megastorm, but instead one created by by climate-controlling satellites (shades of Snowpiercer!)…which sort of dovetails into some of the more extreme conspiracy theories circling the recent hurricanes, but…

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