Lee Harvey Oswald Records Are Missing From Those Newly Declassified JFK Files


Remember when I first wrote about how the CIA was declassifying and releasing to the public thousands of files on the JFK assassination? Well guess what? A batch of records relating specifically to Lee Harvey Oswald are now reported missing from those releases.

Volume 5 of the seven-volume file on Oswald held by the CIA’s Office of Security is nowhere to be found; the last record of its existence was from 1978. These files are important because the Office Of Security was the first component of the CIA to start research and records on the suspected presidential assassin. Why is this one file now completely missing???

Hey look: when this “CIA X-Files Opened” thing first happened—like, before the JFK files stuff, I’m talking like in 2016—I knew that anything that was super-sensitive was never going to be released. Even, like the Stargate stuff that was declassified..and that was heavy stuff, right, Men Who Stare At Goats “psychic warfare” stuff—that, for the most part, isn’t going to mess anything up for anybody at this point. It’s merely “X-Files Stuff.” Some people still don’t believe the government was messing around with this paranormal stuff even if you sit them down in front of the declassified Stargate files and show them—the skepticism is so ingrained.

But after doing a lot of research on the Oswald thing so far—and don’t get me wrong, I’ve only done a tiny bit of research compared to what others have done—you know, there is something really really really fucked up that happened with that case & even to this day there are people who don’t want it known. We’re talking stuff more bizarre than teaching subjects to remote view enemy missile bases—just ponder that for a moment!

Now, the government still says they have more JFK files to be released by their “deadline” on October 26. Maybe that fifth volume of the Office Of Security batch will turn up there.

Or not.

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