Observations, 9/13/17: “We All Know You’re Gotham’s White Knight”


On my mind today: there has been this trend within “geek circles” which you may or may not be aware of where a bunch of guys basically make their living being “feminist allies” to women and being loud anti-Trumpers/anti-Gamergaters/etc. These individuals—some of whom are famous directors, actors, bloggers, and so on—like to visibly virtue-signal how “woke” they are and call out various “bad guys” on the “alt-right” and whatnot.

And then it turns out that they have their own skeletons in the closet and are the LAST people in the world to be lecturing on sexism and etc.

But they already made their money off of their white-knighter schtick…and that’s all that really matters! I don’t know why they would truly hate Trump so much, the dude has made them tons of $ and great publicity ever since he started campaigning.

The latest story is how the owner of Alamo Drafthouse theaters—the ones who put on those “women’s only” Wonder Woman screenings some months back—secretly kept giving work to a movie critic who was publicly accused of sexual assault. This guy used the Wonder Woman screenings—which turned out to technically violate discrimination laws—as his “shield” to keep his bad-acting buddy employed. And the more information that comes out about this story, the worse it gets.

I’m not against giving, as the Alamo owner put it, “a second chance” to someone accused of something. And not all the writers, actors, thinkers, etc. I like are saints.

But the calculated hypocrisy of using “feminism” as your selling-point and publicly shitting all over those you deem to be neckbeards and trash…and then doing something that goes completely against what you “preach”…it’s like #resistance becomes just another marketing ploy for some people, a cottage industry.

And this sort of “fake feminist” thing has been rampant in the geek industry—which was largely my industry—for about the last decade. And I can see the next generation—who a lot of these “tastemakers” and bloggers and creative types in the industry and whatnot don’t even have the first CLUE about—taking over now, and I hope they do, and I hope that smug immature cadre of aging hypocrites just get off the stage and let the next phase take over.

I mean, it makes me not even want to continue entertainment/movie blogging, because that whole environment gives me the skeeves. I feel like if I can’t say something “different” and/or relevant with that work—if it’s just a part of that big circle-jerk of aging fans—I don’t even want to do it.

And so that’s my rant for today. More possibly, on any number of topics, tomorrow.

UPDATE: That guy’s gone from Alamo. Supposedly. It was amazing watching Gamergaters and feminists find a common goal.

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